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1911 Firing Pin Spring

This is a great kit for those looking to buy a 1911 pistol. It comes with a firing pin, spring, and tool, all necessary for creating a spring-powered pistol shot stop. The kit also includes a guide book which provides detailed instructions on how to create this project.

1911 Firing Pin Spring Target

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1911 Firing Pin Spring Walmart

This spring is designed to provide a. 45 acp firing pin that has a. 090" dia. The spring is made of stainless steel and is located at the top of the gun. It is fits very easily over the hole on the top of the handguard. The spring provides a slightly positive force against the gun's barrel, cocking the gun. thisspring is made of stainless steel and has a 9mm tip size. It is made of rises and falls and provides a more sturdy connection when loading or pulling the gun. this 6-pack set of wilson combat 1911 firing pin spring is a must have for any 1911 model that needs a strong spring to hold the pin in place. This set comes in 6 pack colorways and is sure to give your 1911 a boost when you need it. this 1911 firing pin spring is made in the usa and is designed to help prevent lost fires and fires with large groups. It is made of high power stainless steel and is clickable to prevent lost fires.