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20-pin Usb 3.0 Internal Header Y Splitter Cable

This external header extension cable provides a 20-pin usb 3. 0 interface on the back of an y splitter. The cable is easy to use and is perfect for using with a computer with a multiple usb 3. 0 interface.

Usb 30 20 Pin Splitter

Extra high- dosage of pcie 3. 0 x8 and 2. 0 pcie 2. 0 x16 ports the usb 3. 0 20 pin splitter is a simple to use and easy to set up and use. It can help to divide your storage into two morexonsecting data and misc. The splitter also has the ability to handle 2. 0 x16 ports.

20 Pin Usb Splitter

The gintooyun usb 3. 0 header extension cable 1920 pin 1 to 2 y splitter is a great way to add an additional usb 3. 0 header to your computer. This cable offers fast and easy access to your leads and is perfect for testing or expanding your usb 3. 0 infrastructure. this dual port usb 3. 0 internal header y splitter cable will allow you to share two different websites, applications or other documents using your usb motherboard mainboard and adapter female cable. this is a 20-pin usb 3. 0 internal header y splitter cable. It features a modern look and feel with an intuitive interface. With its modern design, the y splitter can be used to between two devices. The cable has a simple look and feel with no ugly components. This cable is perfect for use in hash or other applications where a high performance is necessary. 0 header extension cable 1920 pin 1 to 2 y splitter internal is a great choice for those that need high-speed usb 3. 0 access to a larger number of devices. This cable provides smooth, fast usb 3. 0 access to a variety of devices, from gaming devices to large files. With a modern, modern design, the gintooyun usb 3. 0 access.