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4 Pin Firewire

The 4 pin firewire cable is perfect for connecting devices to a monitor or printer. The cable is easy to use and is perfect for power supplies and bigregistertops. The cable has a standard 2. 5 ft. Length and istin demandsoon.

4 Pin To 6 Pin Firewire Cable

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable firewire cable, then you need to check out our pin to 6 pin firewire cable. This cable is perfect for anyone who wants tor….

4 Pin Firewire Port

This is a 4 pin firewire port that accepts a a-to-c port (5v), and a a-to-d port (4v). The port is could easily be improved with better connectors, but it is a normal use for a firewire port. the 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable is perfect for linkup and data traffic. It has a host of its own benefits, including 6pin to 4 pin ivybridge graphics cards and 6pin to 4 pin macbooks. This cable is perfect for use in a mac or pc and provides enough bandwidth to share files and signals between devices. this 4 pin firewire adapter is a great new option for those looking for a way to connect to a computer with a 4 pin firewire connection. The data cable allows users to store and transport data without the need for a data cable or data card. The adapter also supports the use of a 4 pin firewire port in a computer. This cable is perfect for using the computer with data instead of hard wired connections. the 4pinfirewire keywords are: 4ft firewire 400 cable 6 pin to 4 pin ieee 1394 ilink pc mac 6 to 4 6-4 pins.