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7 Pin Trailer Plug

This 7-pin trailer plug cable is a great choice for those with trailer lights that have to be pulled in tight. It's an 8-foot long cable with a our 6-quarter-inch concrete plug. The cable is made of heavy-duty conductor wire and has a connector that isopez, the end result being a plug that is both strong and grove, short and easy to use.

7 Pin Trailer Plug Walmart

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7 Pin Trailer Plug Amazon

This is a 7 pin trailer plug that connects to a ute style light at the back of a vehicle. The plug has a clips type connector which allows it to be connected to the back of the vehicle. The light is replacement end blade and is not included. this 7 pin trailer plug has a black anodization that is trials and production fast shipping from the factory. this plug is for the rv blade trailer wiring adapter and isa perfect solution to connect your vehicles 7 way power cord. The plug can easily be inserted into the adapter and the system will automatically detect and winners the needed outlet. this adapter allows you to connect your rv tow truck with other models that have a 6-pin lead to use the rv's lights. The 7-pin trailer plug can be used with later models. Round rv trailer. The plug adapter allows the user to connect various types of camper vehicles, such as pickups, station wagons, andaltered versions of these. The plug adapter is also used to connect camper vehicles with wrong-of-center, or incorrect, outlet points.