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9 Pin Connector

This 9 pin molex connector kit 2 sets 14-20 awg. 084 pins arcade pinball connector kit will allow you to connect up to 2 sets of 14-20 awg pin headers from your arcade pinball machine. This kit also includes a pair of mosi screws and ketones.

9 Pin Plug

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9 Pin Wire Connectors

This 9 pin wire connectors kit includes 2 sets of 18-24 awg pin connectors. They are easy to use and can be hung to connect various types of wire. the 9 pin molex connector lot 1 matched sets w18-24 awg. 062 free hanging plug are perfect for automotive parts and accessories. With all 18-24awg connector types, you're sure to find a connector that works with your device. Whether you're looking for a plug to add to your parts inventory or to use as a source of general electricity, this list of qualifier items is a good place to start. this 9 pin wiring harness is for using the 6x db9s in a 3x db9s rs232 serial card case. The harness includes a 3x db9 connector, a 6x db9s connector, and a cover forts. The connector is easy to mysteries: 6x db9 d-sub 9 pin rs232 serial plastic hood shell solder connector cover lot. this 9 pin power connector is a great option for connecting signals to electronic machines. It has a keep warm feature that makes it perfect for use in systems that require constant power. The db9 female connector is also serial, parallel, and36-layer package type compatible.