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9 Pin Usb Splitter

This 9 pin male 1 to 2 female extension cable is perfect for using with your motherboard's usb header. It's a great way to allow users to extend the length of your cable choice by plugsging in to a 3. 3visi usb header.

9 Pin Usb Splitter Walmart

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Top 10 9 Pin Usb Splitter

This is a 12-pin usb cable that supports theheader extension of a motherboard. It is made from durable plastic and has a black/white/red design. It is a easy-to-use cables and easy to set up. this is a perfect add-on for your usb header or splitter. It is easy to use and it makes your life easier. This device can split the use of usb headers into two parts. this usb 2. 0 motherboard offers a 9pin to dual 9pin male adapter for using with your 9pin to 10pin busiest websites or devices. The adapter has an cunning design that doesn't require any kind of amplifier and can be used without any fried devices in the process. The adapter also features a universal cable which is convenient for carrying around. The driver for the adapter is easy to find and follow and is even cosy with most usb 2. 0 drivers. this usb header extension splitter cable is for female 1 to 2 male. It is connecting to a computer using 9pin lady-semiconductor power cable.