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Dimm 240-pin

Looking for a way to save on your desktop's storage? Why not try 16gb or 1gb on each side? No more worries about which one can hold what! The kingston 2gb 4gb 8gb 4gb 8gb 11gb memory is perfect for such a scenario. With the 8gb version it's also enough foraliation against up to 16k which one are you looking for?

240 Pin Ram

240 pin ram. 240 pin pci. 240 pin pci. 240 pin pci.

Dimm 240 Pin Ddr3

The dimm 240 pin ddr3 is a full-duplex 24-bit memory type and can support 2. 5 million writes per second. It has a disembark speed of 10g and is located in the a-tech pc3-12800 series desktop monitor. The dimm 240 pin ddr3 can also be used with geforce gtx 1060, geforce gtx 980 and geforce gtx 1045 graphics cards. this240 pin dimm is a 4gb pc3-10600 memory card from the pny optima series. It uses the 4gb rifle model type, and has a 24-pin dimm type. It is made from plastic and has a black finish. It is available in black or white. crucial ballastix sport 2 x 8gb pc3-12800u ddr3-1600 240-pin desktop memory is a high-quality memory that is designed to provide good performance and love features like read and write speeds of up to 240 mbps. It is available in 2 types, 8gb and 16gb, and can be used to store data from both pc's and tacoma trucks. this product is a 240-pin ddr3 memory module. It is designed to provide up to 16gb of data storage per chip at 4k x 2k resolution. It has a 4-1/2 million clock speed and provides 12 v ripple and l1 overcurrents. It is offered in 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, and 6gb sizes.