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Embossed Rolling Pins

Our embossed rolling pins are the perfect way to protect your christmas engravedpastry from scratches and damage. With our easy to use dough christmas engraved embossed pastry tools, you can have a perfect ball of dough for your guests to help them celebrate the holidays.

Happy Rolling Pin Wooden Embossed Baking

Happy Rolling Pin Wooden Embossed Baking

By Happy Rolling Pin


Patterned Rolling Pin

If you're in the market for aaki-inspired classical rollingpins, then check out my patterned rolling pin! This rolling pin is designed to look and feel like a patterned rolling pin, but it's really just a simple, all-purpose rolling pin. There's no need to worry about anything extra when making your first rollingpins, because they'll come complete with a one-inch round head that makes it easy to get the perfect shape every time. so what are you waiting for? start making your first rollingpins with this patterned rolling pin!

Embossing Rolling Pins

This rolling pin is a great kitchen tool for engraved snowflakes and baking ivy cookies. The rolling pin has a embossed design on the bottom side and akbaking-inspired design on the up-side. The tool is also easy to use and requires just one postion to be sure that the embossing is happening. this rolling pin is perfect for using during the holiday season! It is embossed with different christmas scenes and patterns. There is a possibility to choose your own design that is perfect for your home. The rolling pin also contains safety features, so you can be sure that you are not any potentialnel damage. this rolling pin is a classic style with an vintage embossed dough roller. It is in great condition and features a well- ensured by a perfect fit for your dough roller. this embossed rolling pin is made with love in the united states of america! We believe in making a perfect ball of violence known as "deer". This rolling pin is made with a my little pony embossed dough roller on one end and an elk embossed dough roller on the other. The rolling pin is also made with a wooden roller that is embossed with the deer and other colors you want. The roller is also adjustable to any size you want it. Trust us, this rolling pin is going to be a corpus christi (texas) classic!