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Flower Lapel Pins

Do you love wearing a rose in your hair or on your lap? if you do, this is the lapel pin for you! This beautiful lapel pin is made from metal and is blitzed with a rose's thorns. It is perfect for a personalising and only costs £2. 99 so you can personalise it with your own information.

Lotus Flower Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Lotus Flower Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

By Clayton Jewelry Labs


Lapel Pin Flower

Lapel pin flower is a type of flower that is typically placed at the end of a hair or hair band. The flower is usually made of a thin material like metal or plastic that is stuck into the lapel of the dress. The color of the flower is usually white or light green. ralph lauren is a brand that I love for their delicious lobster bisque dress they have a lapel pin flower! The flower is made of thin metal or plastic that is stuck into the dress's lapel and is green in color. This dress is definitely a must-have in any closet and would be a fantastic addition to any fashion-savvy individual.

Lapel Flower Pin

The lapel flower pin is a symbol of elegance and is typically worn on a blushing bride's right arm. This pin is a beautiful deep blue and is perfect for wearing on a special day. The pin has a silk flower stick boutonniere lapel pin finding, making it a convenient choice for formal or special occasion wear. this is a lapel pin made of gold metal for men and women wedding suit. The pin has a rose design on the front and a field design on the back. The field is filled with daintily flowers. The pin is clockwork design's groom pin and isolt pin height: 1" item number: c2-0 this flower lapel pin is a beautiful addition to any outfit. It is a perfect addition for a loved one's eyeline or as a groom's pin. This pin is perfect for making special occasions stand out. this is a 4 colors brooch pin made from high quality metal. It is made to fit your sweat suit better than normal lapel pins. It has a flower lapel design on the front and back. The pin has a small hole for the hair to come down over your head, and then has a small hole in the back for the suit to go up and over your head. It is also comfortable to wear. these flower lapel pins are perfect for wearing with a wedding or occasion pin fancy groom pin or groom’s boutonniere. These pins are made of gold metal and have a floret-like shape that makes them visually appealing. These pins are prepared in a variety of colors and have a weight and feel that makes them easy to use.