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Kenworth Tow Hook Pin

Peterbilt kenworth tow hook is the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking new. It's built with a tough and durable material that will keep your vehicles4xe open and clean. Plus, the pinion gearage and tow hook feature will make your job much easier.

Kenworth tow hook tow pin new

Kenworth Tow Hook Pin Target

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Top 10 Kenworth Tow Hook Pin

This peterbilt tow hook pin is a great way to keep your vehicle running smoothly and it easy to find one that is to your location. This pin is made of heavy duty metal and is fit for peterbilt engines up to 26iley engines. this peterbilt 8x8 towing hitch pin is made of durable and sturdy metal, and will help keep your vehicle clean and organized. It is also diet to the ground, so you can move more quickly through the streets or highways. Thispin can be used on either the front or the back of the truck, so you can keep your driver's seat clean and organized. this is a new kenworth tow hook that is included in the box. It is a small, quick-drying pin and is necessary for filling and unloading trucks. this is akenworth tow hook pin. It is made of high-quality metal and has a sharp point to it. It is perfect for removing vehicles from the road.