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Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin

The little orphan annie radio secret decoder badge is a great way to identify yourself to others who are looking for information about the private radio station that you support. This unique badge is made of plastic and has a backward looking qr code on the front that allows you to read the personal information of the owner of the radio station.

Orphan Annie Decoder Pin

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Decoder Pin

The decoder pin keyword is a great addition to any radio secret society badge. This decoder pin is made of brass and has a rare 1937 design. The pin is a great addition for anyone interested in this period piece. this is a great opportunity to have a unique and individualized pin back piece for your propriety or law enforcement figure! This pin is of the old-world style, annie secret decoder pin from 1935-36. It is a small orphan annie decoder pin from the time when annie was being raised by her wealthy family. The pin has a map of the backside with keywords like "pair of antique 1935-36", "little orphan annie decoders pinback", and "pinsbadgepinbacks". this pin is a 1944 era decoder for the early little orphan radio secret society. It is made of ovaltine and is only for production of the radio secret society. This pin is important because it is the only one that can help you extract the pin from the other pieces of the society. this antique brass pin has an interesting history. It is a secret decoder pin from the 1936 year. It is little annie of the little orphan program. She was lost at sea and was found by a sailor who brought her home. Annie was home for the coronavirus pandemic and was probably the only pin with this history.