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Sunflower Pin

This brooch is perfect for that special someone! With its beautiful enamel crystal sunflower charm, it'll represent them perfectly. Plus, the enamel makes a great gift,

Big Sunflower Pin

Big Sunflower Pin

By Sunflower


Sunflower Pins

Do you like sunflower pins? If so, be sure to check out my new blog post where I give a detailed guide on how to make them! in case you don't know enough, sunflower pins are made from a small, round, There are three parts to making sunflower pins: the head, the stem, and the naden. The head is the top of the pin's head; the stem is the growth of the head and around the head; and the naden is the little, round lump at the bottom of the pin. there are a few tips for making perfect sunflower pins: 1. Use a straight pin when you can, so that the head is level with the pin's head. Make sure your sunflower pin's stem is straight and not wavy or curly. Make sure the naden is level with the head when you make it. Use a light touch when making the pin's stem: don't use much pressure and let the pin grow until it's completely fair. Enjoy your sunflower pins!

Sunflower Enamel Pin

This sunflower enamel pin is a stylish and stylish way to wear fashion to the next level. Made from high-quality crystal daisy sunflowers, this pin is a perfect gift for the fashion-savvy woman in your life. Plus, if you're looking for a xmas gift that is also stylish, this pin from fashion crystal daisy sunflower insect bee brooch is perfect! (this is a dainty women girl enameled sunflower flower scarf shawl) this is a beautiful sunflower lapel pin that is made ofiascoined and enameled. It features a sunflower flower in the center of a white brooch. The pin is personalized and has a sunflower letter s in a field on the back. this pin is made of brass and is copper-looked. The pin has a really nice, bright sunflower pattern on it. It is also deployment-armed with a nuclear weapon on one side and a ray of sunshine on the other. This pin can also be used as a symbol of hope - as in a time when there is hope. This is a perfect sunflower pin with a shiny surface and a simple design. The pin is made of enamel and the metal pin is silver weighs 2. This pin is a great option for any fashion-savvy person who wants to show off their sunflower personality.