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Vintage American Flag Lapel Pin

This fine vintage american flag lapel pin from the united states of america is perfect for veterans day! Add this pin to your wardrobe or wear it to a gathering to show support for the united states.

Cheap Vintage American Flag Lapel Pin

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Top 10 Vintage American Flag Lapel Pin

This is a vintage american flag lapel pin made in the usa. It is small, making it a great addition to any clothing or home decor. this is a great opportunity to get a vintage american flag pin. This pin is from a blue ribbon cross. It is in great condition and is measures 3 1/2 inches diameter. It is a great addition to your country crossed with blue. this is a great vintage american flag lapel pin from the 1976 usa. The lapel pin has a two flag tie system and is made from sturdy gold plated metal. The lapel pin is also lined with durable gold foil to keep it looking good. The pin has a comfortable shape and is easily adjustable for size. this vintage american flag lapel pin is a great way to show your va pinback pride. It is large and measures 3-1/4 inches in diameter. This pin is made of die-cut plastic and has a v-shaped end cap. It is made of soft-gather for extra comfortable wearing.